Monday, June 7, 2010

weekend rap up/beginning of the week

yaaaap so myself, and four other girls (and a few other cars full of people) went to Prince Edward Island this weekend. It was a really beautiful experience, despite that stubborn rain. I touched the choppy and frigid waters of the atlantic, visited the birth place of the author of anne of green gables, had a lobster buffet dinner (60 foot salad bar) and visited the parliament building in charlottetown. for such a small island, it has so much to offer. i wish i could have died on that beach, it was so beautiful. if that was my last memory above all, it was just so CLEAN and the red sand was wonderful.

on sunday we went to frenchy's (a value village type store but more disorganized and cheaper) and a flea market (marche de pauce). the moncton locals are pretty nice, one gave me his home phone number ! i needed help with finding some bikes (5 exactly).

i am style bike-less. sooooon though, sooon.

i have so much work lol it's kind of funny how much procrastination i have done in the past few days.

toddddday today today we did a promo video for u de moncton. kind of hilarious...i refrained from yelling i just opened my mouth when everyone else was yelling to make that appearance you know????

okay photossss:

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