Tuesday, June 22, 2010


one week and two days left until i return home for two days then partir for another two weeks and a few days.

so i will be officially and stably back in Hamilton July 19th 2010.

after that it is sweet sweet hammy summer, work and finishing up some other projects.
i feel like i have been skimming on the photos lately, so i will be introducing some below.
there are some of the Barnyard/Pumphouse microbrewery just a 15-20 minute walk from the UMoncton campus. Twas pretty interesting.

Then yestereve, we went to La Fete de Music. A music festival featuring local acts, which I was very impressed by. It was quaint, but I got some ginger lemonade with REAL pieces of ginger. soooo great, and totally relieved my stomach ache. we docy-does, hoola hooped and hung out. it was a fantastic first day of summer. LOVE YOU JUIN!

and now for your viewing pleasure:

Fete de La Music

This is a picture of my amis natalie, gazing out onto the Atlantic Ocean. We were on a boat cruise...that taught about eating lobster...kind of disgusting but tasted good?


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