Friday, June 11, 2010

think tank

it's funny
how we look to friends
the wisdom of stars
bibles, torahs and qu'ran
to figure shit out

and maybe karl marx was right
we should just end philosophy
and keep doing things
rather than just thinking about them
books are great wonderful pieces of life
but life itself we can't read about in two weeks
write about in paragraphs
we have to touch feel and grip with our whole beings.

i find it hard sometimes to explain the way things are
so i ask everyone
i ask myself
i ask the internet
i ask my mom
my dad
but the answers are always simple

to whatever issue
honesty and kindness underlie them
a sense of self importance but not to demean the lives of others

do what makes you happy
and know that people aren't perfect
neither are you
your ego is a big jerk
so just let it be and give yourself time

blah blah blah.

thought bubble over.

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