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summer thoughts



check it.
my first post was uninformed. disregard some of it please.

Friday, March 12, 2010


what is it?
i wonder if i really have it sometimes. if people really think what i think about myself.
i guess sometimes you have to believe your own BS to get through the day you know?
just be comfortable with the fact that you are who you are, you are capable sometimes and a complete fail others.

i wonder a lot about who i am to other people. the way they see me, and how i come off. i internalize whatever i think i find and it at times makes me feel abnormally happy or just upsetting. but why should it?

rousseau said man's downhill spiral happened in part to our creation of vanity.
i think that is so utterly true. the only reason why i feel a certain way sometimes is because i forget i am human and imperfect. i also forget i am human an infinitely able to learn.

at the end of the day, i am what i have always wanted to be and always getting closer. that should make me happy enough.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


so my school, a uni-varsity, has sought to restructure it's political science department. while, simultaneously fucking over it's own student body.


because ... it's cheaper and a way in which our research institution affiliated with the department as sought to go.

listen: we aren't UofT. we do not have a separate study of international relations as a major. we are a comprehensive university that provides a means of growing young minds.

a portion of those young minds have an interest in the scholarly pursuits affiliated with OUR OWN COUNTRY. Not, those countries we cannot touch, feel, or see. Not that those issues are irrelevant or not pertinent. But, it seems entirely ass-backwards that as an intellectual institution we serve to engage in research and focused study on issues in the supra-national realm, while failing to educate, and study our own country.

personally, i never thought I would like canadian politics. but after one, very intelligent and great professor coupled with an amazing class, my life changed it's course. this professor "could" get tenure track or he "could" be fired. why?

in the name of restructuring, economic down-turns and M-O-N-E-Y. in the name of market orienting our g'all darn university.

furthermore, my issue also lies within the fact that i have forged relationships with a few professors who seem to be chopped or on the chopping block. this means i will probably have a difficult time having any letters of recommendation written next year, after spending 2+ years with these persons who I have gotten to know personally and who have made the effort to get to know me.

not only does this make it difficult to continue my own pursuits, but when choosing fourth year seminars it makes the whole process a lot more complicated.

gah! and on top of that, our art history programs seems to be on the chopping block. ALSO, our gerentology program was just restructured and amalgimated into another program

LASTLY...why? why? why? why? do we need to get screwed over???
we have some of the best professors. and they are just going to be thrown away like garbage? i have never experienced a professor in my program unwilling to help, listen or care. and that is especially unique.

i will keep anyone who cares updated.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i really fucking want Florence and the Machine tickets. The cheapest ones I found were for $50! I think I just might buy them, because I am desperate.

She is so amazing.

Monday, March 1, 2010


if you looked at everything like it was a big giant musical. i always imagine musical sequences just emerging in front of me. not that they would ever happen but it's a nice thought.