Sunday, June 27, 2010

Castle Manor ... an adventure

"Residents, mostly seniors, of the 100-year-old special-care home were shocked earlier this month when the provincial government said it could be closing in 30 days unless a new operator could be found. The Department of Social Development has since given the 47 remaining residents until Jan. 15 and possibly longer.

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I happened to stumble upon this beautiful, and Gothic building today with a fantastic adventure companion (natalie). little did we know this had been a closed building, but it seemed quite eerie entering this vacant but somewhat lived in manor. also, it was overgrown but had nicely cut grass. needless to say, the lack of proper fencing allowed us to not only get onto the roof but enter the home as a door had been conveniently cracked open on the left side of the building beside a fire escape. we felt we were intruding, noticing how "lived in" the manor seemed when we entered, so we didn't get more than 10 steps in. still prettyyyy interesting. photos:

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