Thursday, June 30, 2011


keep fallin'
until you fall into the right place.

i feel like this is a good metphor for life.

never have i fell so hard than this year
it seemed that i have fallen 100 times
now i know i am in the right place.

thanks montreal.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

all of us

remember when we saw her?

this was the first time i heard this song, and it was beautiful.
i miss you.

Monday, June 20, 2011

meandering and pubic art (okay public! )


i want to go to sappy fest!

should i go? i think so.

now i just have to figure how to get there...
sap sap sapparooni

Sunday, June 12, 2011


i am days way from graduating university.
weird as fuck.

i am in montreal still, and will be returning late wednesday night to hamiltonia.
right now i am trying to figure out if i could or should go running. the skies here look perpetually ominous, and it never seems to rain enough. i mean, when it rains its just sort of like this light pattery thing. rather than an intense watershed, as if the angels were REALLY crying. just kidding, i hope angels are not crying.

anyway, i don't mind the rain. i've spent most of it indoors, or dealing with it when i am outdoors. no big deal, right?

hmmmm i went to a farmer's market here today, and it was def moroccan-ified. i had merguez (arabic sausage), and chibakya (honey flavoured desert). i was compeltely in awe for like 20 minutes, before i sat down and had to decipher what the heck i wanted to buy. i ended up buying lots of was so easy!!! don't blame me.

i have to do my laundry, but i'd rather go running at the moment which I am fairly certain I will be doing in the next few minutes.

and to the open roads i take!

la vie

Thursday, June 2, 2011

montreal so farrr

Montreal has been beautiful. The food is excellent, the people are nice, and everyday is some new grand adventure for me. My roomate likes to wish me a good adventure every time I leave the house, to highlight how much excitement I reap from just being outdoors.

My roomies are sweet, cool, and funny people. Gotta luv em'!
My job is rad, lots of events, and people to meet. Also, random free food which is always a yes!

My neighbourhood is bumpin' As June begins, I can feel the energy of a new festival season. The other day as I was walking home, there was a girl performing in the window of an eyeglasses shop. I really don't know why this optical store was chosen, but it created a really strange spectacle (looking out, and looking in, glasses everywhere...).

Right now I am trying to start up a knit night, even though I lack any talent...I figure I will just use my talent for organizing to get shit together. It'd be sweet, non?

That's the other thing, I nervously use my french and try to soak up as much as I can. Although, quebecois musique seems to be entirely melodramatic which I can't stand. There are other ways to soak er' up...poetry readings I somewhat understand, and books and just listening to people talk. Hopefully my brain is the spongey apparatus it is cracked up to be...

In two weeks, I am graduating McMaster University. I feel like my life has moved past McMaster but I know I am going to very much miss it...eventually. More than anything, I am going to miss the familiarity and the beautiful campus. Mac was pretty sexy, and not to mention all the wonderful people I spent time with that made it was. Can't nobody be like you friends !

I should finish drinking my $3.00 tea...and my portuguese donut hahaah