Saturday, October 29, 2011

these few weeks

okay, so recently i went to the big Ottawa.

the capital/epicentre of Canada's big time federal politics.
it seemed politicians would poor out of everywhere, and were as friendly as any other human bean (interesting?)
i saw stephen harper in the flesh, and his set of charicature like ministers.

i've been slowly working away on some mail items. slowly i seem to be forgetting .. . . in the next week i will start sending out a slew of things. aka next weekend i have no midterms to study for (wild?)

this week for school has been unbelievably intense. lived through it ! i think...

i n any case, i have a whole new slew of things to do work/homework. i think i can start counting down to school break - 6 weeks left!

see you soon

Friday, October 14, 2011

friday night skype

a pleb can't just fuck missy elliot - jg.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

on a quiet monday

sit there in the grass
feet first.

listen closely to the soft wind,
ripples of the waves and,
the swish of rustling leaves.

this is a peace made between you,
and the universe to finally
just listen

today is tuesday - TUESDAY IS YOUR DAY!

in the grocery store, i realised for me shopping is not just about the food
its also about the incredulous amount of staring i do at people (and good looking men)

biking is great until you hit some sort of 70 km/h city road way ... by accident.

i love dogs so much that one randomly jumped on me today and i thought it was cute and not scary.

i really love libraries. the caffeine-smell-free-noise-free space they provide is wonderful.

queen's is some sort of academic dream land. where giants live but no one really knows who they are. (ie. my profs are kind of a big deals ---- in there field...but no one else gives a ... you know...)

i feel refreshed. today is the last day of a group of great days. looks like raiiiiiiiiin in the future.

my feet smell. i should fix that. . .

i need to do laundry - desperately. okay not that desperately...
but still...

<3 i hope your days are great.

Friday, October 7, 2011

bedroom blabbing

so okay

i have been absent from the blogosphere. to the upset of some (one) of my readers(mostly reader).

basically - i have done a lot of reading, writing, talking, running and biking. lots of cooking and creating (which is proving to be a weekly show that my neighbours like to watch me do/partake in)

i baked oatmeal cookies with apricots this week (from a mix ... 'from scratch' is a relative term no?)

i am learning that living on campus is great but annoying at times. no commute is 100% better than a long commute. although, i do miss coming down the mountain or coming up the mountain - such a beautiful view.

i am never overly tired, but constantly busying myself.
dedicated to work, and homework i seem to always find things to volunteer for, read, or just get lost in. i like it that way. a solitary journey through my mind and body formulates along this meandering journey.

currently, i owe a lot of people mail - about 5 i think is a rough estimate. i am so thankful that i have some lovely friends who like to create and write to me. so lucky!

i don't think i have time for deep retrospective thought as much as i would like to... i do a lot of dancing (my room is just big enough ... save for when i attempt to do cart wheels and hit my foot).

at times i feel deathly lonely, and just want to hug my mom and dad. i call them on skype, but it's not the same.
however, there is a spirit of hope , change and progress that i get from queen's which is really nice. it seems like i could go far with my program/hopes/dreams just with a little effort here and there.

on monday, i have a meeting with a professor i am doing research for. it's going to be tough to balance everything - but i thnk i can manage.

life is good, i am happy at queen's and, as i have returned this thanksgiving weekend to hamilton - i was sorely reminded of why i wanted to leave in the first place and...why i wanted to stay.