Sunday, September 30, 2012

trails and nature and things

this afternoon i went to one of my favourite trails in hamilton, which is a path off of the wentworth stairs. the trail is drop dead gorgeous and very steep - it feels like there is a rope tied around waste and someone in front of you is pulling you the whole time. this ensures you are running the whole time, and totally focused on what you are doing. otherwise you are bound to fall face flat on into the mud.
it was a nice break for me today because it reminded of what i really love - the outdoors and animals the wind and trees. i am so lucky to be living so close to so much green stuff!

i took a train ride home with my gal pal/super women friend (kat) on friday afternoon from toronto. i have never done this, and am ashamed i have never done this. 1) because i love trains 2) because the view you get when you are coming around the bay is sensational. just imagine, lots of beautiful greenery, you look to your right then wabam the sun is bright and the water is glistening. i hope they increase go train service soon, because that's worth the 9 dollar and 90 cents trip.

today i also started scrap booking which has resulted in a renewal of my messy room status. it was totally invigorating and such a great way to re-live some of the amazing memories i have had with my closest friends, and family in the past few years. i've visited 8 provinces, and 3 countries. i still have lots to go and lots for my wandering soul to find.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

things i like things i don't

5 things i like about this transition period
1) i wake up whenever the eff i want
2) i go outside and come home whenever i want
3) naps are plentiful
4) exercise is at my leisure
5) i get to hang out with my hilarious family way more

don't like
1) although i am very rarely board, i am fairly often frustrated
2) feeling like i am going nowhere
3) as much as i like my family, i want to be in my own space
4) living in my old hood means running into old hoodlums
5) being totally fucking confused

all in all this period will end (soon I hope) and things will change. just gotta keep truckin'