Friday, December 24, 2010

back packs

so what is it about seeing some intrepid traveler with a sac a dos, that makes another intrepid traveler with another sac a dos feel so connected to them?

i was wondering this as i spent nearly 20 minutes in the Union Station (Toronto). as i watched hundreds of people buzz by, getting off, just catching or missing trains, subways, buses or shuttles to better places (maybe not better...other?). everyone person i saw with a semi-utilitarian looking backpack I became instantly enthralled with their story. what country were they from? where were they going? who were they missing? could i really be that independent and freedom loving? (this question is connected to a personal sub-plot about my own journey that may or may not happen in the next four months...but i will explain that another time?)

regardless, i found i could easily identify with all those persons with the back packs that seemed twice the size of their upper bodies bursting with JUST enough things to travel with. well, maybe i didn't actually connect with them or talk to them but i certainly wanted to. is that enough? k, well it's all i can give ya.

my point is, i feel like we are all traveling rods of light just kind of missing things reflecting and all that jazz. but a few of us, take the serious pledge to live out of a backpack for a while for some strange reason. most of us, just have purses, laptop bags, wallets and regular school bags to brave surviving the day to day. it's hard to see sometimes, that the 'everyday' is an adventure, but think of it this way...wouldn't someone else think the fact that i spent 12 hours at school everyday kind of adventurous? EH ? nah...okay bad example.
but for reals, everyday is an adventure anything could change in the blink of an eye. regardless of if you've packed your bags for a week roaming Paris or a weekend at your very closest friends house (aka Nanta's crib) you never know what is going to happen. i should try waking up this way more often, appreciating what i know and hoping for what i don't rather than fearing it like i do .

i really don't think i am saying anything at all here, sorry. but maybe you learned something?

maybe next time i will get over my awe, and strike up a conversation. maybe...

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