Tuesday, October 11, 2011

today is tuesday - TUESDAY IS YOUR DAY!

in the grocery store, i realised for me shopping is not just about the food
its also about the incredulous amount of staring i do at people (and good looking men)

biking is great until you hit some sort of 70 km/h city road way ... by accident.

i love dogs so much that one randomly jumped on me today and i thought it was cute and not scary.

i really love libraries. the caffeine-smell-free-noise-free space they provide is wonderful.

queen's is some sort of academic dream land. where giants live but no one really knows who they are. (ie. my profs are kind of a big deals ---- in there field...but no one else gives a ... you know...)

i feel refreshed. today is the last day of a group of great days. looks like raiiiiiiiiin in the future.

my feet smell. i should fix that. . .

i need to do laundry - desperately. okay not that desperately...
but still...

<3 i hope your days are great.

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