Friday, October 7, 2011

bedroom blabbing

so okay

i have been absent from the blogosphere. to the upset of some (one) of my readers(mostly reader).

basically - i have done a lot of reading, writing, talking, running and biking. lots of cooking and creating (which is proving to be a weekly show that my neighbours like to watch me do/partake in)

i baked oatmeal cookies with apricots this week (from a mix ... 'from scratch' is a relative term no?)

i am learning that living on campus is great but annoying at times. no commute is 100% better than a long commute. although, i do miss coming down the mountain or coming up the mountain - such a beautiful view.

i am never overly tired, but constantly busying myself.
dedicated to work, and homework i seem to always find things to volunteer for, read, or just get lost in. i like it that way. a solitary journey through my mind and body formulates along this meandering journey.

currently, i owe a lot of people mail - about 5 i think is a rough estimate. i am so thankful that i have some lovely friends who like to create and write to me. so lucky!

i don't think i have time for deep retrospective thought as much as i would like to... i do a lot of dancing (my room is just big enough ... save for when i attempt to do cart wheels and hit my foot).

at times i feel deathly lonely, and just want to hug my mom and dad. i call them on skype, but it's not the same.
however, there is a spirit of hope , change and progress that i get from queen's which is really nice. it seems like i could go far with my program/hopes/dreams just with a little effort here and there.

on monday, i have a meeting with a professor i am doing research for. it's going to be tough to balance everything - but i thnk i can manage.

life is good, i am happy at queen's and, as i have returned this thanksgiving weekend to hamilton - i was sorely reminded of why i wanted to leave in the first place and...why i wanted to stay.


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