Sunday, June 12, 2011


i am days way from graduating university.
weird as fuck.

i am in montreal still, and will be returning late wednesday night to hamiltonia.
right now i am trying to figure out if i could or should go running. the skies here look perpetually ominous, and it never seems to rain enough. i mean, when it rains its just sort of like this light pattery thing. rather than an intense watershed, as if the angels were REALLY crying. just kidding, i hope angels are not crying.

anyway, i don't mind the rain. i've spent most of it indoors, or dealing with it when i am outdoors. no big deal, right?

hmmmm i went to a farmer's market here today, and it was def moroccan-ified. i had merguez (arabic sausage), and chibakya (honey flavoured desert). i was compeltely in awe for like 20 minutes, before i sat down and had to decipher what the heck i wanted to buy. i ended up buying lots of was so easy!!! don't blame me.

i have to do my laundry, but i'd rather go running at the moment which I am fairly certain I will be doing in the next few minutes.

and to the open roads i take!

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