Sunday, August 15, 2010

just so perfect

there is something just so perfect about being in the forest alone,
hearing nothing but the wind, the birds, the bugs and the tree leaves a-rustlin'

you can hear your own thoughts so much more clearly
it has some weird rebalancing effect on your heart

although, it cause some problems when you fall or get a bug bite ...yuck

i love two places called cootes paradise, and the rail trail around my own habitat.
they are so beautiful, they make the site of trimmed front lawns and manicured gardens heinous.

i am no extreme environmentalist, but when you realise how beautiful a park is , a trail or just the site of beautiful sky reaching trees are
you understand why anyone would want to protect them from us, mean greedy humans.

i love how green canada is. morocco is pretty well, not green however beautiful in it's own way. and of all things to miss, i missed very much those great big maple leaf trees the ones that are just so canadian.

love the outdoors, and love its peace. protect our land please.


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