Tuesday, August 31, 2010


floating in the west side of the atlantic ocean
mid-summer day on a moroccan beach

on the east side of the atlantic ocean, running up the sea bathed rocks
almost falling in at the cove
being sprayed by the sea, and enchanted by it's mystery

sitting beside the women have a break down on the bus
paralyzed because i felt like moving and leaving her would be inhumain

telling the truth

hearing it back

giving and caring deeply

running through the woods
almost falling
the birds, the deers, the snakes, the everything in between, the frogs, the trees, the bugs

with a backpack filled with just enough, and a will to live

travel i guess

screaming songs i barely know teh words too, and all dolled up

running the bayfront with tina

walking the bayfront alone, eating ice cream

dancing with john
psychic reading with alyson

leaving my keys in my room
learning french conversation

picking classes
picking law schools

defining myself in 8000 characters

guitar players

playing guitar

burns burns burns




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