Saturday, April 13, 2013

what kind of parking lots do you hang out it in?

but seriously?

i was walking around where i live today and it dawned on me - parking lots are places that i have spent part of my adolescent and adult life in just waiting for people or things to happen.

parking lot culture is crude at times - lots of fighting, spitting and puking. it could be romantic too - plenty of making out and more than that happening in vans, trucks and convertibles.

it could be a place of business - i've seen a few exchanges of things illegal or not happen there.

more than anything, parking lots are fucking ugly. who has ever been to a parking lot that you are all 'wow what a glamorous place to park my car and have all of it's oil leak all over everything!'
well, if you have found it let me know. maybe it exists in vegas ?

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