Wednesday, April 25, 2012

maybe cultural anthropology is useful...

so i have been thinking lately (like usual) about matrices of meaning. if you look at the world around you right now, what you are looking at is an aggregate of atoms that create forms of 'things' , objects, animals and peoples and then a complex web of meaning and value placed upon it. 

i am trying to think how the way we understand these values applies to our own thoughts of ourselves. at times the incorrectly constructed matrix can make you feel MEANINGLESS and worthless because your sense of value has led you to believe so. but that is the thing, it is SO easy to change the perception of what you value and morph that piece of cake you are having into the best experience of your life. or your computer into a vessel of your creativity/destruction. i don't think this is as simple as everything is your perspective per se, but i am getting at the idea of how we choose to fit our ideas into the greater workings. our own identity in some grander local, territorial, global or universal order. religions, cultures and institutions play a huge role in how we understand these systems of meaning how we perceive our present, future and past. i guess that is what has attracted me to policy, because it is an institution that imposes a set of rules and norms onto a public to create order/meet expectations. this isn't a one-way stream of information though, it's interactive/ongoing (symbolic interactionism - google it and have your mind blown). 

the political anthropology is rarely acknowledged  and i should start pursuing this topic in my classes or something. if we acknowledge systems that we work within, and start thinking of things like in the way the matrix was structured or even the most recent brain thriller inception, then we would be able to crawl inside the idea and really figure it out. i was going to write 'make more effective policy' but i mentally slapped myself instead. 

i guess that's what i am thinking about today. capture the power of your brainium and alter your perception...if you dare


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