Tuesday, February 28, 2012

la vie simple

to want a simple life, seems obnoxious. it seems the prospects are full time, unpaid overtime, long hours and probable mental snuffing.

i value time to think, sit and look out the window, and just breathing clean air.
i guess i also value being able to buy nice cooking oil, and cheese.
but to reconcile dreams and reality is really annoying.

what do we have to do these days to be happy with a balanced life?

i think these are the most important questions we should be asking ourselves in this day in age is , what do we need to live, and be balanced? it seems more realistic to make sure we are able to enjoy our life and personal leisure in times of uncertainty. and plan, for what we can see to be reasonable types of employment that suffice a decent life.

i know for now i can see the world in such a crystalline way but, as soon as I get married, have children or bear the responsibility of taking care of my parents, that question of balance will be much harder to answer.
so why not for now, just float and do what I can to get by?
make some money after i graduate, live frugally but meaningfully. deep in dirt farming or something, take a pay cut, pay off some debt and don't rush to get anywhere too fast. what is wrong with that?

it seems all too timely that i am pursuing job prospects in the highest echelons of power in Canada, but I want some sort of reserved quiet life. maybe my goals right now are just not matching up to my values and that where i am going wrong. actually, that is where i am going wrong.

this thinking i am doing, is probably something people do everyday but is very hard to act on. heck, i can't even imagine changing my goals but maybe i should? maybe i should subvert what is expected of me by pursuing what i expect of myself. i wonder why that is so hard to even fathom at all...
if you are reading this (kat) i am not going to de-register from social life or anything and reject all the previous goals i have had. i am just going to whittle away on what exactly i would like to preference or value in my present and future in some obnoxiously theoretical way.


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