Friday, March 12, 2010


what is it?
i wonder if i really have it sometimes. if people really think what i think about myself.
i guess sometimes you have to believe your own BS to get through the day you know?
just be comfortable with the fact that you are who you are, you are capable sometimes and a complete fail others.

i wonder a lot about who i am to other people. the way they see me, and how i come off. i internalize whatever i think i find and it at times makes me feel abnormally happy or just upsetting. but why should it?

rousseau said man's downhill spiral happened in part to our creation of vanity.
i think that is so utterly true. the only reason why i feel a certain way sometimes is because i forget i am human and imperfect. i also forget i am human an infinitely able to learn.

at the end of the day, i am what i have always wanted to be and always getting closer. that should make me happy enough.

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